Thats me:

Kia Ora!

Hi, my name is Melina and I´m a German exchange student in New Zealand. The biggest adenventure of my life is going to start at the 23. January 2018. For about one and half a year I had the idea to go for 2 weeks to Malta to improve my englisch and swoop: Two weeks Malta became New Zealand for half a year. Since one year it has been certain that I will do a half a year abroad. New Zealand is my biggest dream for ages and my dream came true. Thank you to all people, who make it possible. 


I´m going to do my year abroad with the organisation Bibeglo (Education consulting global/Bildungsberatung global). From the beginning I felt in good hands there. In New Zealang I am going to go to the Whangarei Girls´ Highschool (WGHS) and I'm going to stay in a host family with three host siblings, a dog and two cats.


My hobbies are horse riding and I like to take photos and I hope I can do that in New Zealand as well but also I want to try new things. The subjects and the sport opportunitys in the High schools are so cool.


Write a message, if you have any question and I`m really happy about feedback.