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Haere mai - Welcome!

New Zealand or what the Maori say Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud is known for the unique, wonderful and varied nature, the different culture and the friendly people. In New Zealand there are ca. 4,4 Million people and ca. 9% per cent of them are Maori, the native people of New Zealand. They feel themselves as Tangata whenau (people of the country). The official languages are English, Maori and the sign language. The ecosystem is unique because New Zealand is really isolated from the rest of the world and many animals and plants are living only in New Zealand. The famous animal is the Kiwi. It´s a small, round birld, that cannot fly. Then there is for example the Kea. In the ocean are living some whales and dolphins. At the beach are penguins and seals. I'm looking forward to see some of them. The highest trees in New Zealand are  the Kauris. They have a high up to 50m/165ft.  They can be up to 2000 years old. In contrast is every giant a dwarf, and the oldest man in the world is young.


At the 23rd of January 2018 starts my plane from Hamburg in direction of the adventure. After my Welcome meeting in Auckland my journey will continue to whangarei, where I will stay in a host familiy. From the 29th of January I will visit the Whangarei Girls Highschool (WGHS). I'm really happy that you want to follow me on my journey. 



My Home for Half a year

Whangarei, my hometown for the next half year. Whangarei is in the Northland, ca. 2 hours north from Auckland and is close to the ocean.  Whangarei has ca. 45 000 habitants. It is the most northern and with 2000 hours of sunshine per year and a summer average temperature of 28 degrees warmest city in the country. It´s known as the "Gate to the Bay of Islands" and it´s famous for many cafés and the amazing shops and restaurants. The Whangarei Falls is one of the famous sights in New Zealand and lots of tourist go to Whangarei to see them. There are lots of awesome beaches and hills. Whangarei has many water sports such as whale and dolphin watching, sailing, scuba diving, surfing and more. The  Poor Knights Islands which are close to Whangarei are known for their incredible underwater world and make every diver happy.

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Kia Ora!

Hi, my name is Melina and I´m a German exchange student in New Zealand. The biggest adenventure of my life is going to start at the 23. January 2018. For about one and half a year I had the idea to go for 2 weeks to Malta to improve my englisch and swoop: Two weeks Malte became New Zealand for half a year.